“Most professionals now pursue certification as a means of demonstrating that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their work,“ explains Dr. Juliana Lim.


Dr. Juliana Lim, is a CEO of IPEC Certification Bureau. She is one of a very few sentimental individual in Malaysia and Asia Pacific who fronts the ISO/IEC 17024 initiative in the region. The ISO/IEC 17024 is a Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Bodies Operating The Certification of Persons, developed by the International Organisation of Standards (ISO) that provides a global benchmark for personnel’s certification programmes to ensure that they operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner worldwide, thereby allowing individuals to have skills that translate across national lines.

She added, “Don’t simply go for any certification. Choose certifications or programmes accredited under ISO/IEC17024. It will help to increase the potential for national and international reciprocity of certified individuals and personnel certification bodies.”

The ISO/IEC 17024 standard addresses the structure and governance of the certifying body, the characteristics of the certification programme, the information required to be available to applicants, and the recertification initiatives of the certifying body. It is designed to help organisations conduct well-planned and structured evaluations in order to ensure impartiality of operations and reduce any conflict of interest. This standard will help organisations that certify individuals in a variety of occupations and professions will protect the integrity and ensure the validity of individual certification programmes. It will also promote consumer and public confidence in the capabilities and competence of the people who provide specialised services or who create the products that support our daily lives and livelihoods.