To begin the assessment, certification in a high rank like ISO 17024 increases a person’s market acceptance percentage, making doors open wide for a career breakthrough.

The sky is the limit they say – The qualifications obtained crosses borders under international recognition where career growth multiplies in various career choices therefore it is strongly believed that ISO 17024 accreditation fits the bill perfectly almost anywhere.


Highly praised as being the top-most degree of personnel recognition, employees also enjoy the benefit when dispensing their time and effort into hand-picking ISO 17024.

Organizations can reduce risks on their side and minimize the chances of hiring incompetent staffers. It also helps companies save time and cost, something of a major concern nowadays.

Working around ISO 17024 also extends the benefits to training schools, strengthening their credibility in the eyes of the public. ISO 17024 ensures that a provider has the necessary capacity and resources to churn out the best of the best.


The standard of this certification basically adds value to an already sharpened professional. The demand of professional qualifications and certification is increasing day by day and every organization hires professionals with good educational background as well as professional qualification in related fields.

The only crucial point is that making the right choice to choose where to be certified. It is necessary that your certification is accredited by a known institute. Malaysia for instance has the Department of Skills Development (JPK) that is in compliance with ISO 17024.


Certified and recognized accrediting bodies could only be the gateway for great knowledge transfer and opportunities so picking the right one will be a solid start for a professional growth in development. As we enter an era of increasingly rapid change, it is important for a business to be able to demonstrate its human resources are fit for global, not just national organizational needs.