Live Blogging: 1st ASEAN IPEC Retreat Convention On ISO17024

Day 3.


It was the final day of the 1st ASEAN IPEC Retreat Convention 2015 On ISO/IEC 17024. The prenary meeting was held to present and discuss on the consensus reached for all the Work Groups. The consensus is then summarized by the Convention Chairman and recommendation of resolution will be made based on it.

In the closing, Dr Michel Chiam, the Expert of ISO & ILO International Guideline Standards on Social Responsibility also presented his insights on Employment and Social Protection Policies – ASEAN Economic Community: The Impact of Trade and Human Capital on Economic Growth in relation to ASEAN Free Movement of Skilled Workers.



Yang Berhormat Joniston Bingkuai, the Chairman of Sabah Tourism Board officiated the closing ceremony of the ASEAN IPEC Retreat Convention 2015 with his powerful speech. To commemorate the ceremony, YB Joniston Bingkuai and Dr Juliana Lim, the CEO of IPEC Bureau exchange gifts to showcase a memorable 3-day event we had in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.



Before we say goodbye to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, let’s hit for some seafood and visit a few interesting places !