The introduction of the Robotic Process Automation Process (RPA), a technology that allows employees to configure computer software (robot) to interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulation data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems, helps boost capabilities, save money and time. And soon, robots will take over the work force.

Will Lean Six Sigma dead? While we welcome modernisation and positive development, we cannot help but to think the fate of the existing manpower. How are our youths going to earn a living?

This is where certification on one’s skills come in. To stay competitive and stand out in the market, one needs to be certified. The business world at large is a chaotic place. The ISO/IEC 17024, which is issued to a person to recognise his or her expertise is the answer. Through the certification’s framework, one will be able to decide what works best for them. The ability to up-skill, cross-skill and re-skill their workforce becomes a key factor for this technology, allowing it to be widely adopted and appreciated by the industry. What happens in an organisation is really a function of what the People Excellence effort looks like and how they behave. Continuous improvement is always necessary. Lean six sigma tools are powerful for any organization that (1) wants to improve and (2) use data for decisions and robotic technology improvement.

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