KUALA LUMPUR, 20 November 2016 – Spiritual science has often evoked a lot of debate in many quarters, even more so the role of Divine Masters (or known in some segments of society as Divine Healers. Be it about superstition, claims of healing abilities, and even spirituality versus science, discussions have often raged on in different segments of society the world over. No doubt that there are numerous honest, highly experienced and highly skilled divine masters from whom society has immensely benefitted.

But there are also those who claim to have these expertise only for the community to find out the hard way that their practises and methods were questionable. It also doesn’t help that we tend to come across unpleasant stories of visits to Divine healers going wrong and in some cases, terribly misleading. In extreme cases, there were reports that some committed sexual harassment and scams. So how do we tell the genuine from the disingenuous?

The community driven Divine Masters have raised their voices for some means of curbing these problems. While there may not be an absolutely foolproof way of doing so, essential steps are being taken to address this issue. In November 2015, the International Divine Masters Association (IDMA), which is based in Hong Kong, approached IPEC Bureau to form a collaboration to strengthen and reposition the image of the divine arts industry and create a movement of global change.

The initiative is aimed at forming the basis to establish service excellence, create community assurance, understanding and promoting good code of practise. Both bodies forged an understanding on a scheme to verify, qualify and certify the unique traits of a Divine Master in the region. Introducing the ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Persons through the Divine Mastership Certification Scheme.

The scheme is designed to recognise their profession through thoroughly examining and reviewing their overall social background, specifically in areas such as years of experience in practise and operating healing centres, and recommendations from relevant bodies.

The scheme will help give proper recognition to genuine Divine Masters and an identification benchmark for the communities in Hong Kong and China to choose the appropriately certified option. With interest in Spiritual Science increasingly growing, the move to reposition the social role of Divine Masters in modern society is a timely one.

Divine Cosmo Mastership Certification Scheme Grading/Levelling

LEVEL 5   Certified Divine Cosmo Grandmaster   (highest level)

LEVEL 4   Certified Divine Cosmo Master

LEVEL 3   Certified Professional Divine Cosmo Consultant

Disclaimer:IPEC Bureau is only extending technical support to the IDMA to facilitate the certification process.