We have heard and read of many motivational and inspirational advice on how to make the impossible, possible or, how anything is possible. How about making Impossible, I’m Possible? At IPEC Bureau, we regard this as personal transformation. To lay the groundwork today for a better and brighter tomorrow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and venturing beyond.

To realise the importance of personal transformation, you only need to ask yourself if change is better than standing still? if building on your strengths is better than weeping over your weaknesses? At the end of the day, only you can drive your own personal transformation. In this regard, a psychometric test is one of many essential tools to put you in that direction.

Globally, psychometric tests are considered an aptitude test often incorporated in the recruitment process of an organisation to objectively measure the suitability of potential candidates for a vacancy and, in many instances, used to assess performances of candidates for job promotions.

At IPEC, the psychometric test serves as a pre-assessment tool to evaluate personal attributions, professional ethics and code of conduct of candidates. This pre-assessment test –  which constitutes 20% of the overall certification process – will be conducted in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the respective certification schemes and, will be carried out via interviews, oral presentations or at forums.