Kuala Lumpur, 18 February, 2016 – The door to international recognition for training and development establishments, will be opened on 20 February 2018. IPEC Bureau will launch the Training and Examination Provider campaign (TEP) for academies, training agencies, institutions, and the likes who wish to have their programmes – focused on the development of human capital – validated in consonance with international standards. IPEC’s core focus is sustainable human capital development across various industries through the certification of the skills of person, hence training establishments and their programmes validated as the TEP will:

  • help build a sense of confidence among the public on these programmes due to its association with renowned institutions
  • offer an invaluable platform for knowledge transfer and impartial advice for the development and growth of organisations’ / institutions’ core business
  • assure consistent and globally recognised standards through involvement of industries
  • benefit from being promoted under the IPEC Certification banner.

IPEC will validate programmes based on the Q-base and the IE-base criteria. Establishments with recognised qualifications or professional training programmes will fall under the Q-base or Qualification Based assessment. The IE-base or Industry Experience Based assessment will be the category for those that fulfil the required years of industry experience, complemented by good performance records.

The TEP is important as it acknowledges training establishments as independent and impartial entities providing programmes for individuals seeking to obtain IPEC’s certification of person which is recognised internationally by many industries. This gives trainees invaluable skills and knowledge that is in-line with global expectations, hence encouraging greater talent mobility in various industries.

To date, IPEC’s certification schemes has tremendously improved human capital standards and competencies in numerous fields such as beauty science, health science, sport science, life science, food and culinary management, information technology management, real estate management and public sector management. Expect more industries and sectors to enjoy the immense benefits of the TEP and world-class recognition in the foreseeable future.