Services Excellence For Performance Excellence


On 03 March 2017, the all-important Business Excellence (BizX) Industry Scheme Committee meeting was held at IPEC Bureau. The BizX Industry Scheme Committee plays a major role in the development of certification schemes for strategic management programmes such as the Lean Six Sigma and Services Excellence. The scheme for the former has already been implemented while for the latter, it’s in its final stages of development.

The crux of the meeting centred around progress of the technical aspects of the Services Excellence scheme. In today’s economic climate, achieving Services Excellence will provide a significant advantage for organisations, be it private or public. It could prove to be the performance differentiator that helps businesses win over clients as well as facilitate cost-savings over the long term. The scheme is expected to come into force this year.

All certification schemes are fully in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17024, which outlines a set of requirements that certification bodies need to comply with to demonstrate their ability to implement and certify persons for a specific scope seeing as the purpose of the certification of persons is to measure the competence of individuals in their respective fields and industries.