MYIPEC In Full Swing With EPI/GDV Training

Team members of the MYIPEC Project attended the Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI) / Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) training from 26 – 28 January at the PAUM Clubhouse. The training, conducted by Russian scientist Dmitry Orlov, was an intensive three-day session incorporating the practical understanding of the use of EPI/GDV devices, its technology theories and workshop.

This development is the result of a MoU signed between IPEC Bureau and EPI/GDV development company Osaühing Bio-Well-KTI from Russia at the NICE 2017 Expo. EPI/GDV – developed and patented by Russian Innovative Technologist Professor Dr Konstantin Korotkov – is a technique similar to Kirlian photography.

MYIPEC is a radical people transformation hybrid solution to form a ground-breaking social innovation chain. MyIPEC’ will be developed with EPI/GDV patents in the human capital global mobility context.

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