It was a crucial day for Standards in Malaysia on 02 March 2018, as the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre hosted the dialogue between Malaysian national policy makers and the President of ISO Mr John Walter. The session focused on Charting The Future Through The Impact Of Standards Usage which is vital component to drive our national transformation initiative towards 2050 or TN50.

Alongside Mr Walter, the panellists at the dialogue are Datuk Fadilah Baharin – Director General of Standards Malaysia, Datuk Wira Dr Abu Bakar Mohammad Diah – Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) and Puan Hazami Habib – Chief Executive Officer of Academy Sains Malaysia. The panel discussed, among others, the internet of things, industry 4.0 and talent of the future.

IPEC Bureau were invited to attend the dialogue and, just like the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit in December 2017, the key takeaways from the session will immensely benefit our vision to enhance our certification schemes to future-proof employment opportunities and career. Industry 4.0 will transform the global business landscape entirely and we aim to help the local and regional human capital to prepare for these challenges.