The Transformer Behind Bulletz

Robots and robotics are the talk of the town at every nook and corner where technology is discussed. While there are genuine fears about robots taking over jobs, it’s no harm having fun with them as a past time. One such individual having fun with it is IPEC Bureau’s Graphic Designer Ahmad Faza Aizat or Faza. The Multimedia degree holder signifies an example of IPEC’s drive to boost the futuristic human capital development and best oft all, it’s happening right here in our office.

He began this hobby at the age of 12 and it became his favourite due to the challenges in assembling these robots, especially the patience required. He does have his eyes on bigger things, with the Gunpla Builder Word Cup challenge being of interest.

Faza’s exciting hobby is indeed a reflection of his personal value as a creative mind and it’s further empowered by IPEC’s constant encouragement for youngsters to realise their true potential, particularly in the area of Science, Technology & Innovation.

According to Faza, there are a number of robot interest communities which helps those keen on pursuing this hobby make the most of their passion. So, kids, what are ya’ll waiting for? “Try and build one and get addicted to robots. It will become your passion soon,” he said enthusiastically.