Exclusive Media Interview To Highlight On The Economic Recovery Strategy From The Spa & Wellness Sector Due To MCO/Covid-19 Pandemic

An exclusive media interview was held with Dr Leon Chuah, IPEC’s Head of Spa & Wellness Industry Scheme Committee, who is also the Founder/Managing Director of Thai Odyssey Group, and led by  En Azman Zakaria, Chief Executive Officer of IPEC Bureau.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a big impact to the Spa and Wellness industry. Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the government on 18 March 2020, this industry has not been allowed to operate until today. As one of the pioneers in Thai Spa in Malaysia, Dr Leon expressed his concerns on the business recovery strategy of the industry. Thai Odyssey Group, as the largest Thai Spa operator in Malaysia is committed to take proactive measures to develop a customized SOP to cater to the Spa and Wellness industry. As the Head of the Industry Scheme Committee, Dr Leon is working closely with IPEC Bureau to ensure an Enhanced SOP is developed in accordance to the international standard procedures and to tackle specific technical validation criteria for the Spa and Wellness sector.

As Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) enters a “recovery phase” beginning 10 June 2020 (RMCO), IPEC Bureau will launch an innovation sandbox – Business Self-Validation (BIZVALID) Against Covid-19 Safety and Health Web Solution to Enhance Public Confidence in support of business recovery. This industry-driven initiative aims to provide public confidence towards business owners that apply for their business validation through ISO/IEC 17050 (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity). This will create transparency on their implementation of SOP references with relevant SOPs that are set by the authorities or by validated Enhanced SOP.

En Azman mentioned that this is a cross-collaboration with various Ministries, State Governments, government agencies, NGOs and industry stakeholders.

This web-based solution allows business premises to declare their preventive measurements through a detailed self-validation process. Once the process is completed, they can print out the validation certificate and display at their premise. The public or consumers can provide ratings and feedback of the premises via the QR code displayed in the validated premises. This web solution complements and adds value to the existing SOPs and health measurement tools set by the Ministries and State Governments. It can also be integrated with “MySejahtera”, an application developed by the government to assist in monitoring Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

This initiative is designed to jumpstart the businesses, regain its momentum and contribute to Malaysia’s economic recovery.