Cease of Use – IPEC BUREAU Marks

Kuala Lumpur, 31 December 2021 – IPEC Bureau will soon be introducing stakeholders’ engagement strategy to increase effective stakeholder collaboration that delivers more certified personnel, better-formulation of policy, well-managed scheme development and training innovation. The two (2) affected marks are Corporate Commissary and Training Examination Provider (TEP). The above marks will cease with immediate effect. All affected members will be advised on this technical transition process accordingly.

The Corporate Commissary Mark was designed to provide Bilateral Members the opportunity to promote, develop and expand the industry market for the missionary of a certification. The mark of Corporate Commissary was used by parties that have reached a mutual agreement for market development and network building of a particular industry.

The TEP mark was used to represent a validation status of an institution, academy, college, college university, university or training providers that were granted with the accreditation to provide assessment training for IPEC certification schemes. The TEP Mark was used by corporate scheme committee members, governmental & semi-governmental institutions, SME & SMI organisations, college universities & universities.

IPEC would like to advise the public against the infringement, abuse or misuse of its name, logo and trademark in any medium or form. Each mark of the logo is trademarked, and IPEC reserves its rights to take legal action against companies and/or individuals infringing, abusing or misusing its name and logo.

We would like to advise the public to notify/report such activities to our hotline +60 11-3649 1883 (WhatsApp) and/or email at ask@ipecbureau.org.