TN50 Aspiration – Early Childhood Education

Nation building aspirations are best cultivated at a young age and what better way to do it than through education. It helps create a mindset driven to contribute to the country’s success and create pathways for their own success.

This is precisely the objective of Malaysia’s National Transformation 2050 (TN50). The TN50 initiative is aimed at charting the course of Malaysia’s future over the next 30 years and it was kickstarted by enthusiastic children and youngsters from all races.

Early childhood education, in this context, is one of the key parameters for TN50 to shape the WOW Generation for the country’s future, particularly in dealing with the rise of megatrends challenges thanks to the 4th Industrial Revolution for Digital Transformation and Robotics.In this video, Early Childhood Educator Ms Aspara Menon shares her thoughts on TN50 and the importance of human capital empowerment for children, right from pre-school level.

If you wish to share your thoughts and aspirations on the TN50 initiative or the future of Malaysia over the next three decades, feel free to speak to IPEC Bureau’s CEO and TN50 Ambassador Dr Juliana Alut Lim or share your aspiration at


Innovating myIPEC

The strategic partnership between IPEC Bureau Malaysia and BioWell Russia on Technology and Knowledge transfer will exploit new ideas, technology and equipments for metrology solutions on global certification of person mobility. Bio-Well is committed to knowledge and technology transfer to IPEC. In turn, IPEC will utilise their patented know-how to work towards innovating the myIPEC project, a radical people transformation hybrid solution to form a ground-breaking social innovation chain.


(Kuala Lumpur, 16 October 2017) A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was exchanged today between IPEC Bureau and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) development company Osaühing Bio-Well-KTI from Russia during the National Innovation and Creative Economy Expo 2017 (NICE 2017). The ceremony was witnessed by Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, YB Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau.

IPEC Bureau was represented by Chief Executive Officer Dr Juliana Lim, – who was recently appointed as an Ambassador for the NICE Expo 2017 while Bio-Well was led by its Innovative Technologist Professor Dr Konstantin Korotkov at Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was also graced by Mr. Kua Abun, the Deputy Secretary General in Planning & Commercializatio, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Director General of Department of Standards Malaysia, Datuk Fadilah Baharin. The MoU signifies a strategic technology transfer collaboration between IPEC Bureau and Bio-Well’s state-of-the-art technology, and marks an important milestone for the NICE Expo 2017, and Malaysia.

Bio-Well is committed to knowledge and technology transfer to IPEC. In turn, IPEC will utilise their patented know-how to work towards innovating the myIPEC project, a radical people transformation hybrid solution to form a ground-breaking social innovation chain.

The project will be developed with the GDV to provide crucial foresight for a hybrid solution for IPEC’s global certification of persons mobility with various fabrications of biological factors such as psychometrics, bio-energies, competencies metrology, well-being and cross broader security.

The Project will be based on validated and accredited data, and other technologies to empower the futuristic human capital revolution. It’s important to note that this solution will ultimately provide crucial foresight to effectively engineer the futuristic hybrid social development.

“Unconventional social innovation concepts are essential to prepare the Gen Z, Y, X, and “Baby Boomers”, also known as the WOW generation, to face current and future MEGA-TREND challenges, specially with the rise of the 4th Industry Revolution for Digital Transformation and Robotics,” said YB Datuk Seri Madius Tangau.

A local university will be selected as the base and partner for research and development.

“This project will be the cornerstone to build a Smart Community in Malaysia to drive productivity and boost the economic value chain for sustainable global competitiveness and today’s ceremony is a big step forward towards technological innovation in Malaysia with the introduction of a revolutionary means of measuring human biological factors,” said Dr Juliana.

“We live in the time of technologies. The 21st century is an informational century. We have transformed from material wealth to information wealth. Today technological devices are no longer merely devices. They have become means of transforming people’s lives,” said Prof. Dr. Korotkov.

This integrated technology concept will cover the Penta-Helix approach on cross-sector integration to spur national human capital development to stimulate the macro-societal economy, bring Quality Life, Quality Income, and Quality Opportunities through Science, Technology and Innovation.

National Innovation Creative Economy NICE 2017

Wanna be some place NICE from 12 to 16 October 2017? Come on over to Technology Park Malaysia, National Science Centre and National Planetarium to check out the National Innovation & Creative Economy (NICE) 2017 Expo.

A preview of what the futuristic human capital revolution will look like and how to prepare yourselves for the rise of global Megatrends, is just nine days away!

Interested in FREE counselling on your career path for the future? Look up our CEO and TN50 Ambassador Dr Juliana Lim at the expo.

IPEC Bureau will play a crucial role in NICE 2017 as the bridge between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, human resource marketplace and the WOW Generation.

Bulletz September 2017

The 40th ISO General Assembly (ISO GA) dominates the latest issue of Bulletz. Among the highlights are the assembly itself, the TN50 interactive dialogue session, which was held during the ISO GA, on the importance of standards being embraced by the WOW Generations and the impact of science, technology and innovation on the creation of jobs in the future. Then there is the NICE Expo 2017 where AICA, in a smart partnership with IPEC Bureau and Standards Malaysia, will be one of the exhibitors. Our website, social media and blog pages will give you more in-depth coverage of our latest events so please check them out.


The 40th ISO General Assembly (ISO GA) was held in Berlin, Germany from 18 to 22 September 2017. It was hosted by DIN, the German Institute for Standardisation and featured the participation of 550 delegates and accompanying individuals from ISO’s 525 members consisting 133 countries. Malaysia was represented by a 9-man delegation – which includes IPEC Bureau’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Juliana Lim – headed by the Director General of Standards Malaysia, Datuk Fadilah Baharin.
This assembly is an essential platform to secure the future of our international standardisation system, which was reflected on the theme of the ISO GA in Germany: “Open-minded. Open for change.” Several important sessions such as a key note address on digital transformation, a panel discussion on how to cooperate with other organisations and consortia, various break-outs on how to attract young experts, improving standards quickly and work in virtual teams, took place during the assembly.


AICA is Ready for NICE 2017

Prof. Dr. Ng Wee Kiong, the President of Association of International Certified Aesthetician (AICA), also our Head of Beauty Science Industry Scheme Committee, lead the AICA team at the Wellness Cluster this coming at the NICE Expo 2017. AICA is also the smart partner of Standards Malaysia together with IPEC.
Catch up with him at NICE EXPO as he shares his experience that spans 30 years in the beauty industry and the revolution of aesthetic technology advancement through the years. Also, be sure to get some tips on how to become a Certified Professional Aesthetician!