520 Reignite Love From Borneo Touches Hearts & Minds

Press Release

Kuching, 22nd May 2017 – It was a special day for children affected by cerebral palsy, at the 520 Reignite Love From Borneo charity gala dinner. This is also a corporate social responsibility initiative by IPEC Bureau in support of Wishesland, a Cerebral Palsy Association in Kuching, Sarawak. The event’s core objectives are to raise funds for the enhancement of the association’s rehabilitation programs and create greater awareness and understanding of cerebral palsy.

520 Reignite Love From Borneo consisted a two-day forum that began on 20 May 2017. It was held at the Dewan Masyarakat Kuching in Sarawak, and featured numerous distinguished speakers such as Ms Helen Chen – Founder of Heart of Wealth College, Dr Juliana Lim – Chief Executive Officer of IPEC Bureau, Professor Dr Ng Wee Kiong – Chairperson of Industry Scheme Development Council, and Dr George Lau – Head of IPEC Bureau’s Impartial Committee.

The guest of honour at the gala dinner – attended by more than 600 participants from countries such as Malaysia, China, and Taiwan – is YB Senator Datuk Professor Dr Sim Kui Hian (PJN), Minister for Local Government and Housing Sarawak who was represented by Mr Tan Kai, Political Secretary to the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Ms Helen Chen delivered the welcoming remarks at the dinner, followed by the opening address from Mr Tan Kai.

The President of Wishesland, Mr Chi Poh Yung then took to the stage to speak about cerebral palsy and shared examples of how it affects children as well as his own experience as a parent to children with cerebral palsy. The event was a great success overall, raising approximately RM30,000 which will go a long way to aid the recovery of children affected by this condition, through numerous rehabilitation programs and medication.

“With the strong support from various parties, both locally and internationally, we are confident that Wishesland would be able to move forward stronger and faster in line with its vision of providing a universal rule of cerebral palsy recovery system for all our children,” said Mr Chi. “We really treasure and appreciate all the support from everyone in our journey to heal our children with cerebral palsy,” he added.

Dr Juliana expressed her pride at IPEC Bureau’s participation at this event and hopes it makes a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. “We firmly believe that initiatives like this will help society in general prosper in harmony and contribute immensely towards nation building. We are proud to be a part of this gala dinner and look forward to channelling our very best efforts into making this and future initiatives a success,” she said.

IPEC Participates In The 39th ISO COPOLCO



The 39th ISO COPOLCO Plenary Meeting with the theme ‘Road Safety by Design’ officially got underway yesterday at prestigious Pullman Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The event, which will close on 18 May, welcomed more than 200 consumer representatives from approximately 80 ISO member countries. The special guest of the 39th ISO COPOLCO was Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation YB Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau, who also delivered a speech before officially opening the four-day event.


Among the key factors he touched on are the development of 252 Malaysian Standards (MS) by the Industrial Standard Committee of Transport and its Technical Committees with products such as helmets, new pneumatic tyres and airbags, already having their related MS. “Of the 252 MS, 17 standards have been made mandatory by both regulators. Products complying with mandatory standards definitely helps consumers distinguish quality and safety of the products through certification marks and labelling recognised by the respective regulators, said YB Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred.

“Malaysia is also an active member of ISO Technical Committee 22 on Road Vehicles and Technical Committee 241 on Road Traffic Management Systems. These involvements are in line with The Road Safety Plan of Malaysia 2014 – 2020, which aims to minimise road accidents, injuries and fatalities by 2020,” he added.


The Director General of the Department of Standards Malaysia, YB Datuk Fadilah Baharin was also present, and delivered the opening remarks of the 39th ISO COPOLCO. IPEC Bureau, represented by Chief Executive Officer Dr Juliana Lim and her team, is one of the sponsors of this event and was also invited to the moderated dialogue session on day one, stressing on “The Role and Relevance of ISO Standards in Facilitating Trade for Southeast Asia” which is crucial to drive ASEAN towards greater standards integration and adopting best practises.

YB Datuk Fadilah, YB Datuk Ravidran Palaniappan – Former Senior Director of ASEAN Economic Cooperation, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia and Mr John Walter – President-elect of ISO were the distinguished panellists at this dialogue session, which was moderated by Dr Anni Mitin – Executive Director of Southeast Asian Council for Food Security and Fair Trade and Vice President of the Malaysian Association of Standards Users. It was followed by Capacity Building Workshops and a Task Group session.

The dialogue session was attended by participants from various industry sectors, regulators, certification bodies, laboratory service providers, consumer representatives and other delegates of the 39th ISO COPOLCO. Discussions centred around the facts, realities and myths surrounding the emergence or application of standards to facilitate trade. A point of interest was the role and relevance of ISO standards to help business and consumers in Southeast Asia which continues to be pertinent after 70 years of the ISO establishment.

520 Reignite Love From Borneo


We live in times of rapid transformation. Standing still is not an option. Change is the only constant and transformation is the way forward. It’s time to make Impossible, I’m Possible through personal transformation with the ISO / IEC 17024 Certification of Persons. Coming up will be IPEC Bureau’s support for Wishesland to help transform the lives of children and adults affected by cerebral palsy, at the highly-anticipated charity event “520 Reignite Love From Borneo” on 20 & 21 May 2017 in Kuching, Sarawak. Registration is still open so come join us and help put a smile on their faces and, at the same time, catch Dr Juliana’s speech on extraordinary personal transformation as a stepping stone for a brighter future.


For more information please email ask@ipecbureau.org or visit areyoucertified.wordpress.com

IPEC TEP: Jeuner Beauty Academy Salon & School

2One of IPEC Bureau’s authorised Training and Examination Provider (TEP) Jeuner Beauty Academy Salon & School officially opened a new training centre yesterday at Eco Sky in Selayang, Selangor. We were one of the VVIPs who were invited for the ceremony and our CEO Dr Juliana Lim had the opportunity to deliver an address. Jeuner Beauty Academy Salon & School – led by its principal Cynthia Teo who was recently featured in our Personal Transformation update and the latest issue of Bulletz – registered as a TEP in 2014 and has, since, gone from strength to strength.

Details about IPEC TEP: http://www.ipecbureau.org/showtep/jeuner-beauty-academy-salon-school

Bulletz April 2017

head line

Bulletz is back! In our latest issue, we have featured several high profile recent events such as the Standards Malaysia’s awards ceremony, RANPACX 2017 paragliding competition, IPEC examination for beauty and aesthetic science and upcoming ones that are ISO COPOLCO 2017 and our support of Sarawak based cerebral palsy association Wishesland.

Issuu link: Bulletz April 2017

People Transformation: Cynthia Teo

The key to personal transformation is making impossible…POSSIBLE? A great example of this is Cynthia Teo, a professional beautician. Standing out from the crowd in a highly competitive industry and market is not an easy task so, it’s essential for professionals to initiate the required transformation to slowly but surely climb the ladder of recognition. Cynthia began her beauty career as an apprentice at a beauty salon right after finishing school.

Having endured rejection after applying for the beautician role at an international beauty salon due to her lack of academic qualifications – she was hired as a receptionist instead – Cynthia’s resolve to achieve her dreams became stronger. She pursued beauty courses after working hours to gain the required knowledge and qualification, and was eventually rewarded with a promotion to the beautician’s role.

There has been no looking back for Cynthia since. Today she has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, during which she developed into an accomplished beautician, served over 20,000 clients, established her own company – growing it from a single beauty bed service to a full-fledged beauty salon – and subsequently, together with her husband, ventured into beauty product manufacturing.

Having gone through the mill and hardships of becoming a qualified beautician, Cynthia ventured into training and education by establishing Jeuner Beauty Academy Salon & School. Her objective was to train the next generation of beauticians and help produce highly talented, qualified and credible practitioners for an industry that often comes under the spotlight and closely scrutinised for best practises.

To enhance the standard of training at her academy, Cynthia participated at the IPEC ASEAN Certification of Person ISO/IEC 17024, WG2: Wellness, Beauty Science & Advance Aesthetic which was a major influence behind her drive to transform the beauty industry through her academy. This led to Jeuner becoming an IPEC authorised Training & Examination Provider (IPEC-TEP) on year 2014 to significantly increase the reputation of the academy and its training programmes.

Today Cynthia is one of the most established IPEC certified professional aestheticians in Malaysia and has been appointed as IPEC Examiner since year 2014. She plays an important role in enhancing Malaysia’s beauty industry by encouraging other practitioners to attain IPEC’s certification and become internationally recognised beauticians and aestheticians.

Harmonised International Road And Vehicle Safety Standards



The National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) reports millions of Ringgit of potential loss to consumers in the auto sector involved more than RM135 million (value of products-cars/workshop services) from 2010 to 2013. Annually since 2010 refunds and warranty complaints often constitute about a quarter of the number of complaints received followed by faulty new vehicles. More than half of the complaints against auto workshops are related to the quality of repairs (delays and problems not rectified).

A spate of safety recalls in the private vehicle sector such as the fatal air bag deployment mechanism, unintended acceleration and faulty ignition cases has eroded public confidence in vehicle safety. Performance claims have been fraudulent evident from the defeat device used by Volkswagen.

According to the World Health Organisation, road safety incidents will be the seventh cause of death worldwide by 2030. Among the factor contributing to the staggering statistic is unsafe/sub-standard vehicles and vehicle parts (for example unintended acceleration and faulty air mechanisms and emission control). Counterfeit or sub-standard vehicle parts and protective equipment also pose great challenges in efforts to save lives of vehicle users passengers especially children and motorcyclists.

This brings us to the reason to select the theme for the 39th ISO COPOLCO (COnsumer POLicy COmmittee) Plenary and other related activities on improving compliance with Harmonised International Road and Vehicle Safety Standards. Malaysian Association of Standards Users (Standards Users) is the only national civil society with primary focus on compliance with safety standards for consumer products and services including road, public transport and private vehicle safety. Standards Users was appointed by the Department of Standards Malaysia as Standard Development Agency in 2014.

ISO COPOLCO the Committee on Consumer Policy of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Delegates typically are representatives from the national standards bodies and consumer organizations in the various countries. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is also represented. The annual event of ISO COPOLCO is attended by 70 to 80 member countries. ISO COPOLCO is one of policy development committees apart from CASCO (Conformity Assessment) and DEVCO (Developing Country Matters) that reports to ISO Council who administering the implementation of the ISO’s Strategic Plan and its policies. ISO COPOLCO advises ISO COUNCIL on consumer issues related to development of international standards including those developed ISO Technical Committee, ISO/TC 22 on Vehicle Safety and ISO/TC 204 on Intelligent Transportation System.

ISO COPOLCO maintains strong liaison with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Consumer International (CI), ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Pan American and African regional standards forum to ensure that consumer representatives in these regions are aware of best practices in implementation and compliance with standards for products and services and lobby regulators to encourage businesses to comply with these standards.

The 39th ISO COPOLCO event that has been schedule on 15~18 May 2017. Full packed working group meetings that discussing the key areas on consumer issues on 15th and opening ceremony by Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation workshop continues with a Dialogue Session on Role and Relevance of ISO Standards in Facilitating Trade in Southeast Asia on 16th in parallel with Capacity Building. On 17th there will be a workshop with Road Safety by Design that expected to be participate by all relevant stakeholders. Plenary meeting on 18th will discussed and conclude on resolutions that consists of international convenors, co-convenors and consumer representatives. This meeting expected to construct better policy on road safety that restore consumer trust on road and vehicle safety not only in Malaysia but also right through the world.